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Detroit Tigers News: Brad Ausmus might be the Tigers’ manager in 2018

Al Avila says bringing Ausmus back “isn’t out of the question.”

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers
Wondering when it’s going to end
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Happy Labor Day to you, folks. If you are one of the fortunate members of society who is afforded the opportunity to celebrate this holiday to it’s fullest, I hope you have some great plans for the day.

When I last delivered your links post, a week ago this very day, we lived in a different world. Justin Verlander and Justin Upton were both wearing the Olde english D. Now we have a Justin-less Detroit Tigers club, and a minor league system that is suddenly respectable. It’s obviously going to be a tough road forward. Things certainly won’t be the same during what will most likely be a painful rebuild, at least for the next few years.

In potential areas of change, Steve Adams of MLB Trade Rumors spent some time talking about the potential for Brad Ausmus to return as manager next year. When asked about it, Tigers general manager Al Avila apparently said, “I can’t say that’s out of the question.” I don’t know how any of you folks interpret that, but I wouldn’t be looking at it as a ringing endorsement.

Any Major Dude Will Tell You it’s sad to see Verlander go

If you are anything like me, you watched Ohio State defeat Indiana on Thursday night, and then watched a Twitter landscape with trade news about Justin Verlander that hopped around like spit on a griddle. If you want the full details of how that went down, Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press has you covered.

Once the numbness of Labor Day weekend wears off, this trade is going to sting. If you aren’t done feeling emotionally destroyed, you can read former manager Jim Leyland’s thoughts on the trade.

It looks like everybody is going to miss Justin Verlander.

Victor Martinez is hoping to Do It Again

Victor Martinez hit the disabled list recently with more heart issues. The good news is that it seems like the folks treating him may have pinpointed the issue and he is scheduled to undergo a cardiac ablation procedure. The bad news is that it means his season is over. As of right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s it for his career. Martinez intends to make it back next year.

Sign In Stranger

It’s September and the team has traded away a handful of talented players. So, it only makes sense that we fans are destined to ask ourselves a question normally reserved for spring training games: “Who the f*** is that guy?” The September call-ups have begun, with the most recent being pitcher Miles Jaye and newly-acquired third baseman Jeimer Candelario.

For Jaye, it has been a bit of a journey. He spent seven years in the minors. In his first major league opportunity, he had the chance to pitch to a catcher he was once traded for in Bryan Holaday.

In other areas of change, pitcher Daniel Norris returned from the disabled list, but probably not to the place you would expect. The Tigers want him to pitch out of the bullpen for the time being, but the long term intent is that he stays a starter. We’ll see how this shakes out.

Speaking of rebuilding, somebody should get this graphic in front of whoever is making decisions about outfielders going forward because good defense is fun to watch.

The results of recent Dirty Work

Remember when the Tigers played the New York Yankees and everyone got ridiculous? That was a shade over a week ago. After the initial punishments were handed down, there were the inevitable appeals. Pitcher Alex Wilson and first baseman Miguel Cabrera both had a game shaved off their suspensions. In other news, this is the first time I’ve used the word “shave” in an article and it hasn’t involved Alex Avila.

Fulmer to see a Doctor, but not Dr. Wu

Starting pitcher Michael Fulmer is dealing with ulnar neuritis because this season sucks. He is going to miss at least two starts, and if you really want to start freaking yourself out, I have three words for you: Doctor James Andrews. Fulmer is due to visit with Dr. Andrews for further evaluation, and surgery may be in the cards. I say go for it. He’ll be ready to roll in three to four months, and it’s not like he’s hurting the team if he doesn’t pitch again this year. Do what gets you healthy, Mike. The Tigers are going to need it.

Something to do while you’re Reelin’ In the Years

Do scouts lay the groundwork for big deals? Tim Tebow’s first season is in the books, and it was bad, but not as terrible as you might expect. Baseball is broken. Baseball returns to Houston. Grant Brisbee on the unwritten rules of bunting against a pitcher who is hurt and not good at fielding bunts.

Baseball is awesome?

I don’t want to be a downer, but this just felt right.