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Bless You Boys Podcast Episode 6: Prospects and Pitch Clocks

The BYB staff discusses the week in Tigers baseball.

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Host Brandon Day is joined by Bless You Boys Managing Editor Rob Rogacki to break down the week in Detroit Tigers baseball and beyond. Topics on this edition of the podcast include the following:

  • ESPN released its top 100 prospect rankings and the Tigers didn’t fare too well.
  • Matt Manning’s exclusion, and Daz Cameron’s inclusion are discussed.
  • State of the Tigers’ farm system.
  • Commissioner Rob Manfred wants a pitch clock. The Player’s Union would like something in return, but it won’t change the fact that free agency is looking a bit sickly these days.
  • Listener questions

Intro: “You Look Fine” -Pia Fraus

Click here for a transcript of this episode.