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Tigers winter caravan: Highlights from day one

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

Image Courtesy of @tigers on Twitter

It’s caravan time!

The Detroit Tigers annual winter caravan kicked off on Thursday, with the team splitting up and taking two buses (North Bus and Metro Bus) of players to various venues across Michigan to meet with fans, participate in fun events, and generally create some good will and excitement ahead of spring training.

The two groups have a variety of activities planned for the two-day caravan, including a trip to a Red Wings game Thursday night (Metro Bus) and a trip to Cherry Republic in Traverse City (North Bus). The North Bus will also visit the Northern Michigan Rotary Club and Zehnder’s Snowfest on Friday. The Metro bus will be serving as celebrity bank tellers on Friday afternoon.

On Thursday afternoon they team made a visit to the U.S. Coast guard sector:

And tried their hands at being fire fighters with the Southfield Fire Department.

Michael Fulmer, who is on the North Bus, had a message for Daniel Norris, on the Metro Bus. (What would Shaggy the van think?!)

Norris had a chance to show off his incredible winter beard, and Buck Farmer just tried to keep up.

Alan Trammell and Nicholas Castellanos were among the Tigers at the Michigan State Capitol today, where Nick enjoyed a taste of the political life.

Stay tuned for more highlights from the night events, as well as Friday’s festivities! The caravan leads up to TigerFest, which takes place Saturday, January 27th, at Comerica Park.