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Remembering some great Tigers October moments

Warm up with some walk-offs!

ALCS Game 4: Oakland A’s v Detroit Tigers Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

October can be hard when your team is out of contention. For the 2018 Detroit Tigers, there was never much hope of a playoff dream. That said, the team has had a storied history of October baseball memories, which we can look back on to keep us warm on these chilly autumn nights.

This week, and October 14 specifically, are huge moments in Tigers lore. For fans of the team, two major events will stick out from Octobers past.

Most recently, on October 14, 2006, only three years removed from their disastrous 2003 campaign, the Tigers hopes of returning to their first World Series since 1984 were made reality. And it all came down to two runs from one man. In the sixth inning of Game 4 of the ALCS, Magglio Ordonez tied the game, bringing the hometown crowd alive with excitement.

In the ninth, it would be Ordonez to walk it off in a moment that should give you chills every time you watch it.

Of course, this moment recalled a similar memory for those who watched the 1984 World Series. It was on October 14 of that year that Kirk Gibson gave the Tigers something to roar about when he belted this home run that extended the Tigers’ lead late in Game 5, and ultimately clinched the series.

The Tigers might not be playing October ball this year, but their time will come again. Until then, it’s nice to remember some brilliant October plays that will live on forever as a part of Tigers history.