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Detroit Tigers News: Al Avila says “low probability” of signing Troy Tulowitzki

But confirms the Tigers are motivated to sign a shortstop

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

On Tuesday afternoon, the Toronto Blue Jays shocked the baseball community by releasing All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. Of course, the question among Tigers fans, us included, was “Should the Tigers try to sign him?

Well, turns out Al Avila and the Tigers brass are asking themselves that same question. It’s only natural that a team desperately in need of a shortstop for the 2019 season would perk up when the opportunity to sign one of the best active shortstops on the market appears. But before you get too excited and make yourself a custom Tulo jersey for Christmas, temper those expectations.

When asked about the probability of the team signing Tulowitzki, Avila told reporters that the team would do their due diligence, but admitted, “I would say it’s a low probability.” And while that might just be Avila playing it coy while they work out potential deals, it’s more probable that they’ve done the math and don’t think Tulowitzki is worth the cost it would take to acquire him.

But fear not, because Avila was also firm on one thing: the Tigers will sign a shortstop by spring training.

Rule 5 Draft Dodgers?

As the Winter Meetings wrap up on Wednesday, excitement is building towards Thursday’s Rule 5 draft. But many who wondered if the Tigers willingness to part ways with Mike Gerber meant they were keeping room open for draftees will be surprised to hear that the Tigers might not draft anyone.

When asked about the Tigers plans for the draft, Avila said there was no certainty of the Tigers signing anyone. “We’re still debating whether we should take a guy or not. We pick fifth, so even if we like a guy it doesn’t guarantee that we get him.”

Kinsler Reunion

We already reported on the Tigers potential interest in re-signing Ian Kinsler, and his presence at the Winter Meetings suggests that he’s very interested in putting himself in the way of finding a new (or old) team. Yes, please.

In non-Tigers News

The excitement over a potential new Tampa Bay Rays stadium deal is over, as the plan for a new Ybor stadium in Tampa is now dead. The Rays will remain in St. Pete until 2027.

This delightful Zack Greinke story has recently resurfaced and is truly a joy.