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Miguel Cabrera is taking batting practice again

Cabrera documented his first swings after six months of rehab.

There isn’t much to be truly excited about when it comes to the Detroit Tigers lately. Sure, they have made a few savvy signings, and we’re waiting to see exactly how this rebuild takes shape. But minor victories or not, this is still a club coming off back-to-back 98-loss seasons staring another rough year in the face.

We got one of those moments of true optimism on Friday: Miguel Cabrera is swinging a bat again.

As his caption indicates, these are Cabrera’s first swings after six months of rehab following surgery to repair a torn biceps muscle.

Even with a healthy Cabrera, the Tigers may not be all that good in 2019. But a return to form for the two-time MVP would at least make the upcoming season a lot more fun for fans to watch.