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Enjoy these Isaac Paredes home runs while we wait for Tigers news

After a slow start, the hard hitting teenager is red hot in Winter League action.

Jay Markle/Bless You Boys

Most of the Detroit Tigers’ better prospects have wrapped up their year and won’t return to the field until 2019, but infielder Isaac Paredes is still at work. After a slow start in action for Yaquis del Obregon in the Mexican Pacific League over the past month, Paredes cracked three home runs last week and is once again doing major damage, especially for a player his age.

The 19-year-old infielder was recently ranked as the Tigers’ third-best prospects by Baseball Prospectus after a season that saw him jump two levels and succeed in both. Even prior to the 2018 season we had Paredes ranked fifth in the system, but this was the year he established himself as a true top 100 prospect. FanGraphs currently ranks him as the No. 43 prospect in the game. There is widespread consensus that Paredes represents the best hope for a future impact bat in the Tigers’ farm system right now.

So, while his numbers in winter ball aren’t particularly important, it’s good to see him mashing.

Here’s Paredes turning on an absolute meatball back on November 22.

Hanging sliders are delicious. Here’s another one three days later.

And again two days later.