Verlander's Impossible Inning: The finest inning ever pitched as analysed by Foolish Baseball

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

DISCLAIMER: I did not write this, produce this, or have any part in making it.

Youtube Channel Foolish Baseball did a piece on an Inning that Justin Verlander threw back in 2012 against the Indians. Fueled by "White hot rage", Verlander pitched an inning so statistically outlandish that it is borderline impossible.

The piece is absolutely fantastic, and highlights how absolutely unique that Justin Verlander is. Plus, the author used many of the statistics, gifs, and pieces of data i've explored in my occasional writing here. AND. I was at this game. So, lots of specialness in my eyes.

The piece ends with a commentary on how the incredible Tigers core of 2012 never won a championship, and it took Verlander going to the Astros after 13 years as a Tiger to win his ring. Which, honestly, is rather saddening.

So watch Verlander buckle knees, break physics, melt hearts, and blow away indians in one of his finest performances.

So here, watch in all its glory.

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