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Justin Verlander tweeted us right in the feels

Maybe this is a sign he misses us.

Courtesy of Justin Verlander on Twitter

Usually when a player is traded away midseason, they bid farewell to their old team and think nothing more of it. It seems, however, Justin Verlander is a little sad not to be reporting to Lakeland, because he didn’t miss the opportunity to remind fans and players alike that he would be absent.

When Detroit Free Press beat writer Anthony Fenech tweeted the below observation, he likely had no idea what he was about to set in motion.

A few hours later, Verlander replied.

Some of the Tigers pitching staff, on a break from their first day of training, couldn’t resist adding their own responses to Verlander’s query.

While Fulmer was all about the jokes, Daniel Norris was all of us.

Why do you have to hurt us like this, Justin?