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Detroit Tigers News: Spring training is finally here!

Tigers pitchers and catchers have their first workout on Wednesday.

Detroit Tigers Workouts
That beard is so glorious.
Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

February is the worst part of winter. People say, “Oh it’s the shortest month of the year,” or “Winter is almost over,” but those people are eternal optimists and therefore insane. February comes on the heels of three consecutive months of cold and always has the most snow. I’ve had to dig my car out six times in four days. I’m nearing a breakdown.

But February does bring one glimmer of hope as winter exacts its final toll: pitchers and catchers reporting and the first sign that baseball is a thing that is going to happen again in the year 2018 of our lord.

The new look Detroit Tigers are going to be bad, but their pitchers and catchers have a chance to be exceedingly average. Whatever the end result, at least there will be real tangible baseball soon to distract from the cold. The Tigers’ first workout is on Wednesday and the 2018 season is officially underway.

Speaking of pitchers

It’s still highly unlikely that Alex Wilson wins a spot in the rotation, but I’m all for his attempt to stretch out to a starter. I don’t have any good reasons for this other than “Why the hell not?” but that’s going to be the slogan for the Tigers’ 2018 season anyway.

In established starter news, Jordan Zimmermann is hoping to get back into the rotation and has resumed his throwing program. But this News article that uses the words “shot” or “injection” six times doesn’t sound overly positive. I’d say a year of expectation-free baseball is just what the doctor ordered for Zimmermann.

Finally, the Tigers will at least take a look Tim Lincecum in his pitching showcase. Again, sure, why not?

A Nick Castellanos breakdown in video form

It’s fantasy focused but they do a decent job breaking down Castellanos’ 2017 and provide an optimistic view for 2018.

I keep forgetting Mike Fiers is on the team

It should be illegal to use the words “Mike Fiers” and "Light It Up” in the same sentence, but Mike Fiers could be one of the better signings of the offseason if he has an above-average year and the Tigers are able to flip him at the deadline.

Around the horn

Familiar foe Estaban Loaiza was transporting a lot of drugs. I want Brady Singer on my team exclusively for his reaction to a stoppage in play because of rain. Justin Verlander is funny on Twitter but also made everyone very sad. Ron Gardenhire and the team continue to say the right things, which I appreciate even if we know it’s not true.

Baseball is awesome