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Detroit Tigers News: The Tigers are interested in Chris Tillman

The Tigers also have a closer, and Miguel Cabrera feels great as they kick off full squad workouts.

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s Monday, folks and as the big baseball machine slowly lumbers into motion I have three words to help you start your week: Full Squad Workouts. The whole band is back together in Lakeland. Let’s see what’s going on.

Warm it up, Chris

With the signing of Mike Fiers, most people assumed the starting rotation was pretty well locked in with a cast of Michael Fulmer, Jordan Ziimmermann, Matt Boyd, and Daniel Norris rounding out the other four spots. Well, that may not be the case. On Sunday afternoon news started to come out that Chris Tillman, in trying to decide where to bring his super sexy four-plus xFIP, was down to three teams and one of them was the Tigers. General Manager Al Avila had hinted that the team may not be done on the pitching front, and the Tillman talk is a reminder of that. Tillman threw for the team on Saturday, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he actually signs with the Tigers.

What that would mean for the rotation, I don’t know. I would hate to see young arms sacrifice innings for the likes of Chris Tillman, but that may not be a problem. This could be a signing that indicates Jordan Zimmermann’s voodoo back injection magic isn’t looking like it has much longevity to it. There are a variety of reasons why the Tigers might make this move, which Rob did a good job of breaking down for us on Sunday afternoon.

Lynn is team trade

In what feels like the 400th iteration of this article [Ed.: all from the same author] Lynn Henning of The Detroit News makes the case for trading Michael Fulmer. His take is that the team probably can’t hang on to young Michael and build the kind of talent that would be able to compliment him for a World Series run before he becomes too expensive to keep around. Lynn likes the San Diego Padres as a trade partner. I like Michael Fulmer, and I’m not sure we would see the kind of Chris Sale or Jose Quintana type deal that Lynn talks about in return for Fulmer.

Miggy feels good

In another Henning piece we get quite a bit of interesting information about Miguel Cabrera. Miggy says he is reporting to camp pain free for the first time in a long time. In discussions about how good he feels he talked about his first meeting with Ron Gardenhinre, which apparently took a more serious tone than he expected. When asked if he thought he could play a full season at first base, he seemed unsure. A Miggy not playing first is a Miggy at DH, which fills my head with images of Victor Martinez walking out of Detroit like Bruce Banner walking down the side of the road at the end of every Incredible Hulk episode because if there ain’t any room for V-Mart at DH then there ain’t any room for V-Mart in Detroit.

Greene light

If you had any doubts who the closer was going to be for the 2018 Tigers, you can put them to rest. Ron Gardenhire is on record as saying the gig is Greene’s “to lose”. In other unsurprising news Gardenhire hopes to have established rolls for the guys in front of Greene as well, and I would love to believe that means something more creative than tabbing someone as your 7th or 8th inning guy, but I doubt it.

Farmers only

Coming into 2018, Buck Farmer is looking for some consistency both from the Tigers and himself. Since 2014 Farmer has been bouncing back and forth between the Glass and Motor cities, and coming into camp this spring he finds himself a man out of options. In an effort to find the consistency that has eluded him on the mound he has made some offseason changes. While it’s unclear if he is done as a starter, there is good news in the fact that the bullpen has some space. Maybe he can pitch his way into it.

Around the horn

Sandy Alderson thinks Tim Tebow will play in the majors some day. Lynn Hennning compiled a list of Detroit’s 2018 prospect rankings, and I can tell you it is definitely a list of dudes in the Tiger’s organization. Joey Votto tried to get fatter, and it makes me imagine a world where you have to “try” to get fatter. Hey, Tigers, GO GET COREY DICKERSON. The Padres gave Eric Hosmer the kind of money that is going to get somebody fired in about two years.