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Bless You Boys Podcast Episode 9: The Rays sell and all Ashley’s teams are bad now

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The editorial staff of Bless You Boys breaks down the week in baseball.

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Ashley returned from a well earned vacation to find her second favorite team wrapping up the finishing touches on a bizarre March sell-off. Doom is all around us. The Rays offer no relief. Meanwhile Ron Gardenhire and his folksy ways are already beginning to grow on us, to our mild irritation.

  • Pre-show gnashing over a devastating series of Rays trades that rocked Ashley’s baseball word.
  • What are the Rays doing, is Florida doomed, and can the Tigers profit via Corey Dickerson?
  • Gardy is buddies with everyone, while Chris Bosio is full of ideas for his pitching staff.
  • J.D. Martinez lands in Boston as expected, while the Padres sign Eric Hosmer to an 8 year deal for some reason. This is followed by much disbelief at what a bizarre offseason this has been and how desperate we are for real, if meaningless, games to begin.

Intro: “Motor City 2” - J Dilla