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This time, it’s goodbye

This is my final post at Bless You Boys after more than seven years. It’s been an honor and a pleasure

Tiger Stadium field today

Like a player or manager, I knew this was a day that would come. That doesn’t make it any easier.

I started writing about the Tigers in 2006, with the philosophy I’d write the stories I wanted to read. In late 2009, I took over as the editor of Bless You Boys. In the years after that, I played an ever-changing role with, helping to find and develop so many of the voices you can read there today. In doing so, I had to cut back the time I could spend at Bless You Boys, but with Rob and his team it was always in good hands, and I tried to contribute behind the scenes and write when I could.

Wednesday, I was laid off by Vox Media. as they went in a different direction from my department. As such, I have no role that I can play at Bless You Boys. Last time was “you’ll still see me around.” This time, it’s goodbye. This chapter in my life was a happy one, but now it’s over.

I cannot yet tell you what the future will bring. Maybe I’ll still be in the business writing, editing, or helping the next generation learn the ropes. I’d like that. Maybe I should take this as a signal it’s time to get out and see how to apply my abilities in other ways. I hope the coming days and weeks will help me decide.

I want to thank each and every one of you who read my words along the way. Writing is a funny, solitary thing, you type words onto a screen and somewhere people who don’t even know you find them and read them. I am always amazed to hear the impact I’ve had on people’s lives.

It’s been an honor to have you as readers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.