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Play fantasy baseball with other Bless You Boys community members

Dibs on drafting that Mike Trout fella.

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I’m fairly certain that I’m contractually obligated to open this article by saying “It’s that time of year again!” so there it is. Another baseball season is upon us, and that means fantasy baseball leagues are starting up everywhere. Whether it’s friends from back home or a super-deep dynasty league you stumbled into or your crazy uncle Larry trying to get you to buy into his NL-only nonsense, everyone loves fantasy baseball.

And by that we mean they love drafting a team, running it for three weeks, and ignoring it for the rest of the year once your star player goes on the disabled list.

We here at Bless You Boys have hosted all sorts of leagues over the years, from official leagues we actually got paid to manage (like, once) to a staff league that we all forgot about last year.

This year? I don’t know. That’s the point of this post, though. Instead of creating a few leagues and shoehorning folks into those rosters, we’re going to open things up to you, the commenters. Want to host a simple head-to-head league with typical 5x5 scoring? Go for it. Interested in a keeper league with OPS and quality starts and other bulls** like holds? Fire away. Need one more person to fill in your 40-man dynasty league that your one friend dominates every single year? Hit the comments.

Still not sure? Our friends at Over the Monster have several different types of leagues if you’re looking for inspiration. Whatever your poison, sound off in the comments to find a league of your liking!