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USA Today predicts Tigers will have AL’s worst record

But good news, they won’t be the worst team overall

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Prediction time is upon us, with Baseball Prospectus releasing their annual PECOTA rankings (more on that later) and USA Today releasing their list of proposed standings for the coming season.

The Detroit Tigers do not fare well in USA Today’s crystal ball. They believe the Tigers will win a mere 63 games, barely avoiding a 100 loss season. They’re even less kind to the Miami Marlins, who they believe will only win 60 games, and come in as the one team worse than the Tigers in 2018.

This should obviously come with a big grain of salt, because USA Today predicted the Tigers would win 85 games last season, and as we know they only won 64, coming in very nearly at the projected numbers listed above. They also predicted the Minnesota Twins would win a mere 66 games (they won 85) and that the Yankees would win only 80 (they won 91).

It just goes to show that the predictions are based largely on how a team performed the previous season, and don’t mean much for how a team is actually built to compete in the new year.

That said, this doesn’t look great for the Tigers.