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Watch Miguel Cabrera hit his first home run of the year

Maybe it was the luck of the Irish in that green uniform

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Cabrera has looked great in spring camp this year. He looks lean, mean, and ready to take on the season. He’s faster on the basepaths, and his signature grin is on display at every game. In short, he has seemed a lot more like the Cabrera of old.

But one thing was missing in all his spring training starts thusfar. The former Triple Crown winner had yet to hit a single home run in any of his Grapefruit League appearances.

That all changed on Saturday afternoon when he took to the plate wearing a St. Patrick’s Day inspired green uniform. Maybe it was the luck of the Irish, or perhaps it was just Miggy doing Miggy things, but he launched the ball right out of the park, and made the whole thing look easy.

Now that’s what we’ve been waiting for.