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FanPost Friday: Tell us your best Opening Day stories

The start of a new season is always a cause to celebrate

MLB: New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown is on, and we’re less than a week away from Opening Day. We’ve weathered the winter, watched spring training, and prepared ourselves for the year to come. Even with expectations low, there’s still a reason to celebrate: baseball is back! As Tigers fans we know how difficult bad seasons can be — I’m looking at you 2003 — but we come back year and year, and 2018 will have its highs and lows the same as any other season.

Our FanPost prompt this week is all about Opening Day — a day that should honestly be a national holiday — and our own special connections to it.

For me, my most memorable Opening Day wasn’t at Comerica, but rather an Opening Weekend at Target Field in Minneapolis. Living in the Canadian prairie, it’s hard to get to any Opening Day events, but Minneapolis is only a seven hour drive, and the Tigers would be squaring off against the Twins for the first three games of the season. It was a no brainer. Tickets were purchased, hotel rooms booked.

Late March in Minneapolis is very, very, very cold. Nicer than winter, yes, but probably much too cold to be sitting outside in the open air for three straight hours. We bundled up under the fleece Tigers blanket I’d bought at the World Series. We ordered hot chocolates. We made repeat visits to the concourse, where heat lamps had been set up to keep the fans warm, as if we were human hot dogs.

It. Was. Awesome.

Three straight days of good Tigers baseball, at a fun stadium (Target Field doesn’t get enough credit, it’s really nice, and fans in Minneapolis are very welcoming to outsiders). Sure, our fingers were cold and we might have had more hot chocolate than is healthy or sensible, but it was worth it. It was a symbolic end to winter, an opportunity for us to let out the breath we’d been holding for months on end, and welcome back this silly, wonderful sport that means so much to us.

So this week, leading up to the 2018 Opening Day, we want to hear your best Opening Day stories. They don’t need to be in person stadium experiences. Maybe you and your family have a tradition where you watch baseball all day. Maybe you recall a funny time you got caught watching at work. Whatever the tale, we want to know!

Head on over to the FanPost section and share your story.

(Also, the team rankings FanPost prompt is still open until the 30th, so feel free to write about that, too!)