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Question us on the Bless You Boys podcast featuring prospect writer Emily Waldon

Help us make the podcast even better with your questions!

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It’s been a long, quiet offseason, but spring is in the air—though results may vary by region or even by county or even neighborhood. This is Michigan after all. Regardless of where you fit spatially into the Tigers’ diaspora, Opening Day is just two days hence, and our long, dreary vigil is finally at an end. On Wednesday, managing editor Rob Rogacki will join Brandon for an Opening Day preview session for our Patreon subscribers. But tonight, the focus is on the farm.

Someone who managed to escape the late winter blahs is BYB alum, and currently the Athletic’s prospect writer covering the Detroit Tigers’ farm system, Emily Waldon. She’ll be joining Ashley and Brandon tonight to discuss her time down in Tigertown, what she saw from the Tigers’ prospects, and who is generating buzz, both good and well, less good, down in Lakeland.

So, who and what do you want to hear from Emily about? We’ll tackle anything you’ve got, but the focus tonight will be on the young’uns. Post them below, or on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll get to as many as we can on tonight’s show. Suggestions to improve the podcast, criticisms, complaints, idle thoughts, whatever you’re thinking, it’s all welcome here (some exceptions may apply).

We’ve also established a Patreon page here, and if you’re inclined, please venture over and become a Patron of the site and podcast. Your support could do a lot to further our Tigers coverage this season as we continue to look for ways to bring you unique perspectives and Tigers content. We’re still working out rewards for patrons at the $3 and $5 levels at the moment, but features are likely to include a monthly minor league podcast and a mailbag with managing editor, Rob Rogacki. Any suggestions on this front would also be most welcome.

Here’s your chance to direct the show a bit, so let us have it!