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Here’s how to watch as much baseball as humanly possible on Opening Day

Work? Who needs that? It’s time for Baseball Christmas.

Boston Red Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

For the first time in what feels like forever, all 30 major league teams will have the same Opening Day, meaning on March 29 there will be 15 glorious games of baseball played. That, my friends, is an awful lot of real honest-to-goodness baseball on one day.

Everyone has been starved for games that “count” played at stadiums they recognize, with lineups of players people know, and the wait is almost over. With 15 games to choose from, there’s so much baseball going on, you could make a whole day of watching it.

Which is precisely what we suggest doing.

MLB Opening Day should be a national holiday anyway, so if you’ve wisely booked it off, plan to call in sick, or are just going to pull up the stream on your work computer, we’ve got the dawn-to-dusk guide to maximize your Opening Day, getting in every ounce of baseball humanly possible. Note: All times are listed in EDT, and all games can be viewed on MLB.TV.

12:40 p.m.: Cubs @ Marlins. This is your easiest no brainer choice as only one game starts this early. You can enjoy a solid 30 minutes before the most important game for BYB readers starts.

TV: Cubs — WGN, Marlins — FSFL

1:10 p.m.: Pirates @ Tigers. Now, most of you are just going to hang out here for three hours, and that’s cool, but if you want commercial break alternatives keep reading.

TV: Tigers — FSD, Pirates — ATTP
Radio: Tigers — 97.1, Pirates — KDKA

1:10 p.m.: Cardinals @ Mets. Nothing to see here.

TV: Cards — FSMW, Mets — SNY
Radio: Cards — KMOX, Mets — WOR

3:05 p.m.: Twins @ Orioles. The Tigers game will have been going on for two hours at this point, plenty of time to decide if it’s worth watching to the end. This game isn’t a big competition for attention though, so might as well see how the Tigers bullpen does.

TV: Twins — FSNO, Orioles — MASN
Radio: Twins — La Raza, WCCO, Orioles — 105.7 Fan

3:35 p.m.: Astros @ Rangers. An all-Texas showdown featuring Justin Verlander on the bump and the reigning World Series champs. If you miss JV, now is the time to flip.

TV: Astros — ATTH, Rangers — FSSW
Radio: Astros — KBME, Rangers — 105.3 Fan, KFLC

3:37 p.m.: Yankees @ Blue Jays. If the Astros aren’t your speed and you want to see how Stanton and Judge are doing, you can switch over to this AL East match-up.

TV: Yankees — YES
Radio: Yankees — WFAN, WADO

4:05 p.m.: Angels @ Athletics. Barring any terrible extra innings scenarios, the Tigers game is probably over by now, letting you move onto other games guilt free. Hurray! Why not watch this California clash, and visit old friends Justin Upton and Ian Kinsler, while hearing broadcasters speculate wildly about Shohei Ohtani’s future role?

TV: Angels — FSW, A’s — NBCSCA
Radio: Angels — KLAA, A’s — 95.7

4:10 p.m.: Brewers @ Padres. I mean, I won’t stop you.

TV: Brewers — Dish455, Padres — FSSD, Fox SD
Radio: Padres — KSON, XEMO

4:10 p.m.: Phillies @ Braves. Phillies are poised to be an interesting team this year, so this could be an fun option.

TV: Phillies — CSP, Braves — FSSE
Radio: Phillies — WIP, Braves — 1600 AM, 680 AM

** Game postponed to Friday** 4:10 p.m.: Nationals @ Reds. Former Tiger Max Scherzer will be getting the nod for the Nationals, obviously, and this is likely Bryce Harper’s last season with Washington. Could be a good time. Plus, Opening Day in Cincinnati is a baseball rite of passage.

TV: Nats — MSN2, Reds — FSO
Radio: Reds — WLW

4:10 p.m.: Red Sox @ Rays. Red Sox are vying for the top spot in the AL East and this match will be a battle of the Chrises: Sale vs Archer. Former Tiger J.D. Martinez will take the field. The Rays installed fresh turf for the occasion!

TV: Sox — NESN, Rays — FS Sun
Radio: Rays — WGES, WDAE

4:15 p.m.: White Sox @ Royals. Don’t do this to yourself.

[Broadcast schedule unavailable from MLB TV]

7:10 p.m.: Giants @ Dodgers. Night game! Night game! Watch the NL West’s most ruthless rivalry in action and see how the new Giants featuring Austin Jackson, Andrew McCutchen, and Evan Longoria look. Plus that Clayton Kershaw guy will be starting for the Dodgers.

Radio: Giants — KNBR, KXZM, Dodgers — KTNQ, 570

10:10 p.m.: Rockies @ Diamondbacks. Remember how the West Coast is evil and makes us all lose sleep? Alex Avila plays for Arizona now. If that’s a reason to watch this.

TV: Rockies — ATTR, DBacks — FSA
Radio: DBacks — KHOV, 98.7

10:10 p.m.: Indians @ Mariners. Cleveland can taste that AL Central title, and the Mariners have reunited with Ichiro. Lots of plucky young talent in the mix here as well, making this game a fun contender for the late night viewing.

TV: Indians — STO, Mariners — ROOT
Radio: Indians — WTAM, Mariners — 710

So there you have it folks, a 12-hour gauntlet of baseball bliss. Good gravy, that’s a lot of baseball. Choose wisely [Ed.: Or don’t, this is baseball gluttony at its finest], and enjoy immensely.

What games will you be keeping an eye on tomorrow?