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Bless You Boys Podcast Episode 15: Emily Waldon reports from minor league camp

The staff of Bless You Boys discusses the week in Tigers news.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Detroit Tigers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Brandon and Ashley are joined by Emily Waldon, who writes and reports on the Tigers’ farm system and more for the Athletic. Emily is a BYB alum and has also written for 2080 Ball previously as well. She’s recently back from Lakeland where she took the measure of the farm system on the back fields of Joker Marchant Stadium.

First things first. We discussed this, so maybe start here. 19 years old.

We also couldn’t help notice Ian Kinsler doing Ian Kinsler things.

From there we took a deep dive into how spring camp went for a host of Tigers prospects.

  • Waldon discusses her time on the back fields of Joker Marchant Stadium and which prospects looked hot, as well as which did not.
  • The overall state of the system and the test of the Tigers’ organization in the draft and player development in the coming years.
  • Minor league players were royally screwed in Washington last week. MLB got a provision into the omnibus federal spending package last week. The foully titled “Save America’s Pastime Act” strips minor league players of many Federal Labor law protections. Waldon adds a unique perspective on the struggle of young men trying to keep their heads above water while chasing the dream.

Bless You Boys would like to thank Emily Waldon for hanging out with us and bringing her knowledge and perspective on the Tigers’ system to the show. You can find her work at the Athletic, and a selection of player video from Lakeland on her You Tube channel.

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Intro: “You Look Fine”-Pia Fraus