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Bless You Boys Podcast Episode 11: Conversation with R.J. Anderson

The editorial staff breaks down the week in Tigers news.

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R.J. Anderson of CBS Sports joins the podcast for a wide ranging conversation about the state of baseball, the Tigers outlook and the future of smart baseball. In its course, we agree that you can’t be an ace without throwing 200 innings. We’ll probably have to give in on that opinion in the years to come, and that hurts me.

Anderson has been writing about baseball since he was 16 year old. He’s written for ESPN, Newsweek, as well as stints at DRaysBay, FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus. He co-hosts the excellent DFA Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @r_j_anderson.

  • Don’t tell me you can’t afford Neil Walker.
  • Why aren’t teams taking advantage of an incredibly slow free agent market to try and contend?
  • Obligatory Justin Verlander hero worship from Brandon.
  • What are you doing over there Rays, you goofs?
  • The Tigers are at a crossroads and the future is dark and full of terrors.
  • What does cutting edge baseball look like now?
  • Which free agent, which team?

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Intro: “Motor City 2” -J Dilla