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Bless You Boys Podcast Episode 12: Spring training will not be televised

The editorial staff of Bless You Boys discusses the weeks news in Tigers baseball and beyond.

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Ashley and Brandon lament the lack of televised Grapefruit League action, while considering the week’s news, and mounting a brief telethon for our Patreon page. There are still a lot of available free agents, and it’s really complicating forecasts this spring. A flurry of signings, with corresponding cuts, may still await, or not. Hopefully the Tigers aren’t shy about adding another player if the opportunity arises. We look at some strong words from former Tigers, and then take on a few listener questions. Thanks as always for listening!

  • Early spring returns
  • Tigers DFA Jairo Labourt and it’s still weird
  • The season may begin before the offseason ends
  • Justin Verlander wants some answers
  • Justin Upton feels the chill between players and teams
  • Development vs. veteran depth

Intro: “You Look Fine” -Pia Fraus