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Doug Teter’s head is the reason for Nick Castellanos’ hot start

Teter, the new head athletic trainer, is no stranger to this peculiar tradition.

When Doug Teter stepped up as new the head athletic trainer for the 2018 season, he probably wasn’t prepared to become a good luck charm for right fielder Nicholas Castellanos.

During Monday’s game against the Kansas City Royals, Castellanos was seen rubbing Teter’s bald head in the dugout. And we’re not talking a friendly pat, here. Castellanos was really invested in the process.

Just look at how thoroughly he covers the topography of Teter’s dome here.

Teter, who has been with the club quite some time, working alongside previous head athletic trainer Kevin Rand (who is now in Lakeland) is actually no stranger to this particular move. Way back on 2012, cameras busted Justin Verlander doing the same thing.

The Tigers might not have won the World Series in 2012, but it is the last time they appeared. Maybe Castellanos is onto something by trying one of Verlander’s good luck tricks.

Either way, we’re happy Teter seems to be a good sport about having his head touched, unlike some other guys...