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JaCoby Jones hits walk-off home run, nails the post-game interview

“I’m kinda hungry right now so I wanted to end it.”

If anyone was wondering how JaCoby Jones is doing in his at-bats lately, he gave a pretty resounding answer with a walk-off home run against the Kansas City Royals in the first game of Friday’s doubleheader.

It was clear to see Jones knew he’d hit it out of the park as his face lit up rounding the bases (don’t overlook Jeimer Candelario catching the flying batting helmet as Jones rounds on home plate).

Where he really shone, however, was giving the post-game interview to Fox Sports Detroit on the field immediately following the game. Jones, still breathless from excitement and racing around the bags, was apparently ready to say anything that came to mind.

Standout gems included “I’m kinda hungry so I wanted to end it,” and “make s**t happen” which managed to sneak by the FSD censors, much to our collective delight.

This team continues to be incredibly fun to watch. Moments like the walk-off and the following interview are a great reminder of why Tigers fans will still be able to enjoy themselves through the rebuild.