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Rain* out open thread

*May not contain actual rain.

Super Bowl XL Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

The series finale between the Tigers and Royals has been postponed due to inclement weather. Mid-30’s temperatures, snow flurries, and a stiff wind have been deemed too harsh for a baseball game, especially between two teams who will meet in much more pleasant conditions later this season.

Because of the postponement, Daniel Norris’ turn through the rotation will be skipped. Jordan Zimmermann and Michael Fulmer will start against the White Sox on Thursday and Saturday, respectively, as originally scheduled. Mike Fiers will slot into the rotation on Sunday. Fiers opened the season on the disabled list with a back injury, and someone will need to be removed from the 25-man roster prior to his start on Sunday. It’s unclear what this means for Daniel Norris.

In lieu of a GameThread, this thread will serve as a depository for all of your gameday thoughts, musings and other assorted babble. Enjoy.

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