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Bless You Boys Podcast Episode 19: The injury bug bites

The editorial staff of Bless You Boys discusses the week in Tigers news.

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Brandon and Ashley return to look at a team that is starting to see injuries taking their toll after a nice start. As the schedule gets tougher, and the roster gets thinner, the Tigers are going to need some things to break their way to avoid a tumble.

  • James Paxton’s no-no joins a list of incredible pitching performances so far this season
  • Miguel Cabrera is on the DL and that’s not a bad thing
  • Daniel Norris opts for surgery, and it’s frustrating, but also all for the best
  • Jose Iglesias and Ron Gardenhire got into it just a bit
  • Christin Stewart is raging for Toledo but we won’t see him for a while
  • Listener questions

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Intro: “Motor City 2” -J Dilla