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FanPost Friday: Memories with mom

What’s your favorite baseball FBF with mom?

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

It’s usually the dads of the world who get all the credit for being into sports. Dads get the sport themed gift ideas, dads are shown in ads teaching their sons (usually) how to throw a ball, but I can’t be the only one who didn’t get my love of sports from my dad (unless you count having an intricate awareness of how Indy 500 worked before I turned ten).

There are so many of us who learned game rules, learned how to cheer at live events, and had some of our best baseball memories growing up with our mothers.

This weekend the Tigers, and all other major league franchises, will deck themselves out in pink jerseys, pick up pink bats, and don pink cleats in support of breast cancer research fundraising, but at the heart of that initiative is the idea of supporting mothers the world over.

With that sentiment in mind, we want you to share with us your favorite baseball memories with your mom. Did she take you to your first game, or maybe you took her to hers? Did you watch with her at home, or maybe she signed you up for your first t-ball team? Let us know.

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