Which Tigers could be moved at the trade deadline?

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The MLB trade deadline is approaching in a couple of months and I've come up with a list of seven Detroit Tigers who I think have a reasonable possibility of being traded. Please note that I am assuming that the Tigers will not be in the AL Central pennant chase in mid July. If by some miracle, the Tigers were still reasonably in the race, then they might well be buyers rather than sellers.


Just one name on this list – Francisco Liriano. Liriano has far more value to a contending team as a 10 week rental than he does to the Tigers. And he should bring in at least 1 decent prospect plus one lower level prospect.


I have three names in this category – Shane Greene, Alex Wilson and Jose Iglesias. Greene has shown himself to be a decent relief pitcher but it's clear he is not Detroit's long term answer as a closer. His value probably will never be higher because of his cheap current salary plus two more years of team control.

Assuming Wilson returns from the DL and is reasonable effective, he likely would be of value to a contending team. He is a proven quantity (based on 2015 and 2016), cheap and still has another year of team control.

The probability of Iglesias coming back to the Tigers in 2019 is close to zero. Why not trade him now to get some value in return.


It would make sense for the Tigers to move Victor Martinez if they could. The primary reason to move VMart is to open up the DH slot so Miggy can DH 3 days a week or so to save wear and tear on his body. On August 1, VMart will have about $6 MM of salary remaining. Tigers would have to eat about $4-5 MM to move him but if another team had a need, this is a deal that should be made.


Michael Fulmer and Nick Castellanos have significant value but it would take a great offer IMO to pry either player loose now. Fulmer has the potential to become an elite MLB pitcher and the only reason to trade him now is if you think he will be injury prone (because of his delivery). Castellanos has one more year of team control and IMO, it is unlikely Tigers will offer a competitive long term deal in 2020 when he is a free agent. But I think he will draw more interest next winter rather than now.


Tigers have a lot of other pieces with some value like Leonys Martin, Buck Farmer, Blaine Hardy and several others. But IMO, it is hard to see why anyone would offer sufficient value for any of them to make a deal worthwhile.

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