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Ron Gardenhire’s press conference was interrupted by his Kelly Clarkson ring tone

Gardenhire’s ringtone on his phone interrupted the postgame press conference and we’re getting another surprise from him on Tuesday.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Following Monday night’s loss to the Minnesota Twins, Ron Gardenhire gave fans watching the postgame on TV a special treat: his phone’s timely interruption. Kelly Clarkson’s hit song ‘Stronger’ came blaring over top of reporters’ questions and the general hum of the room, freezing everyone in attendance. Quickly, everyone let out a laugh as Gardenhire scurried to the phone in order to silence it.

It gets better, though. The person calling him happened to be Tigers general manager Al Avila. At first, Gardenhire jokingly told everyone to get out “because he might want to fire my ass” (we can confirm that Gardenhire’s job security has never been better). Even more hilarious is that Gardenhire answered the call and informed Avila that he was in the press conference, sarcastically asking Avila if he wished to be placed on speakerphone.

Check out the video here.

Just when you think we had enough Garden-tainment, we were informed by the Tigers Live broadcast Gardenhire will be mic’d up during Tuesday’s game at Target Field. So buckle up and rest your stomach, because you’re probably going to get a lot of “laugh till you cry” moments.

Well, at least the ones that are TV friendly. We’ll have to petition Fox Sports Detroit to get an uncensored edition.