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Question us! The BYB Podcast records tonight

Get your questions in, and we’ll tackle them on the show

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Hey folks, the Bless You Boys podcast will record Tuesday night. The fun, modestly successful start is beginning to give way to bullpen disasters and weak offensive showings. This is no surprise, of course. However, it is frustrating nonetheless. Is there anything the Tigers can do without blowing up their plans? We’ll talk about it.

But there are a lot of possible topics beyond the Tigers 25 man roster. There is the struggles of some of the Tigers top prospects. And we’re under two weeks until the draft. Casey Mize still seems like the pick, but we’re at the point where rumors and innuendo start to fly fast and furious.

So, what do you want to hear about? We ask for your podcast questions here. Tigers questions both short and long term, questions about prospects and the farm system, general baseball questions, the draft, fantasy baseball, what have you. We’ll tackle anything you’ve got. Post them below, or hit us up on Twitter, and we’ll get to as many as we can on tonight’s show. Suggestions to improve the podcast, criticisms, complaints, idle thoughts, whatever you’re thinking, we want to know (some exceptions may apply).

We’ve also established a Patreon page here, and if you’re inclined, please venture over and become a Patron of the site and podcast. Your support could do a lot to further our Tigers coverage this season as we continue to look for ways to bring you unique perspectives and Tigers content. We’re still working out rewards for patrons at the $3 and $5 levels at the moment, but features are likely to include a monthly minor league podcast and a mailbag with managing editor, Rob Rogacki. Any suggestions on this front would also be most welcome.

Here’s your chance to direct the show a bit, so let us have it!