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Chris Bosio is not Ron Gardenhire

The Twins just thought you should know.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

When Ron Gardenhire enlisted the help of former Chicago Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio, Tigers fans applauded the bold and intelligent selection. They’ve continued to cheer ever since, as he makes smart moves with the team’s pitching staff.

During the recent series in Minnesota however, Twins fans were applauding for Bosio for a different reason: They thought he was Ron Gardenhire.

We won’t lie, we can see how the mistake is an easy one to make from the seats of a baseball stadium. They’re both white-haired, they both rock a mean goatee.

The Target Field crew, after realizing fans of the former Twins manager were cheering when the wrong coach went to the field, decided to offer casual viewers a little help in Wednesday’s game when it came time for Bosio to visit the mound.

Yes, the scoreboard is clearly displaying the words “Not Gardy.”

I think the Wizard of Boz just earned himself a new nickname.