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Detroit Tigers News: Miguel Cabrera is close to returning from injury

Cabrera is “days away” from returning after nearly a month on the disabled list.

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire was hoping to activate Miguel Cabrera from the disabled list earlier this week, but that unfortunately did not come to pass. Luckily for the Tigers, he should be back soon. Cabrera spoke with the media on Tuesday, and gave those listening several sound bites about his injury and the recent comments about his status in Detroit.

For the injury, Cabrera told the gathered media that he is “very close” to returning to action. He has been on the disabled list since May 4, but has been recently taking batting practice and ground balls before games to prepare for his return. Cabrera’s injury was officially listed as a hamstring strain, but various quotes and tweets have also mentioned some low back pain.

Regardless of what was hurt, Cabrera appears itching to return. He was critical of his detractors a couple weeks ago, saying that he is “done playing hurt” because “nobody appreciates when you play hurt.” There were also rumors — rather outlandish ones, I think — that Cabrera wanted to “come home” to Miami after a decade in Detroit. Cabrera cleared the air on Tuesday, saying he wants to finish his career in Detroit.

As for the haters? We agree with Kurt when he tells Cabrera to ignore them.

We all rode this thing up, and now we’re riding it down. Maybe Cabrera’s feeling a little hurt and disappointed that it doesn’t quite feel like everyone’s in it together, after he gave so much for so many years.

Few fans, I think as I talk to them, are mad at Cabrera. Maybe some social media haters, but not the people I’ve spoken to.

Maybe what he takes for a lack of respect for his playing hurt is actually the hope that he’ll do what he’s doing now – taking his time getting healthy – so he can be the “Miggy” everyone loves for just a little while longer. So if fans want to see him rest a little more, maybe play a little more DH to stay healthy, it’s not a criticism. They just don’t want the end to come any faster than it has to.

We’re excited to have you back, Miggy.

Speaking of injuries...

Francisco Liriano and Daniel Stumpf are now on the disabled list. Five of the 12 pitchers Detroit had on their roster on Opening Day are currently on the DL, including Alex Wilson, Jordan Zimmermann, and Daniel Norris. The Tigers don’t have a left-handed pitcher in their bullpen, which has left people openly clamoring for a reunion with Ian Krol.

It’s gonna be Mize

Remember those recent rumors that the Tigers were looking elsewhere with the No. 1 pick? You know, the ones we didn’t buy whatsoever? It seems those are over.

Mize has established himself as the clear No. 1 prospect in this year’s draft class, which is both good and bad for Detroit. It makes their first selection an easy one, but it also drives up Mize’s bonus demands. If the Tigers can even knock him down to $7.5 million — still a record in the current slot bonus era — they would be able to save some money to use elsewhere in the draft.

Around the horn

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Rockies Twitter is awesome

(Though not nearly as wild as NBA Twitter)