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Watch JaCoby Jones’ ridiculous catch over the wall vs. Angels

Jones didn’t rob a home run, but took a souvenir away from a fan for an out all the same.

I don’t know if there’s anything more difficult in baseball than an over-the-wall catch. Not only does it take a remarkable amount of athleticism and timing to make the play in the first place, it is often done within a matter of seconds at breakneck speed. And if you mess up? Well, Ryan Raburn can tell you all about that.

JaCoby Jones did not mess up, though. He made an incredible catch over the wall in the left field corner to retire Kole Calhoun on Wednesday, and I don’t think it got enough love during the broadcast.


Yeah, that was nuts. Speaking of breakneck speed, Jones was a little banged up after the play, but stayed in the game.