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Check out Grayson Greiner’s first major league hit

The towering rookie catcher got his first milestone out of the way with a quickness.

Detroit Tigers Photo Day Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Ok, the Tigers ran out a lineup straight out of 2003 on Sunday. The first few innings haven’t been pretty. The Tigers’ infield has looked a complete mess, bungling their base coverage in the shift, and Matthew Boyd quite sloppy at holding baserunners. Not good. However, there was one cool moment to enjoy.

Seeing a rookie make their major league debut is always great. A quarter decade’s worth of work and dreaming comes to fruition, and it’s an event to be celebrated by family and friends. For all the ugly in the first few innings of Sunday’s contest with the Kansas City Royals, at least we had something fun happen as well.

Grayson Greiner, making his MLB debut, racked up a single in his first plate appearance. Royals starter Jakob Junis challenged the rookie with an 0-1 fastball right down the middle. Greiner drilled it through the hole between shortstop and third base. Whatever the outcome of today’s game, and whatever the outcome of Greiner’s career, they’ll never take this away from the big guy.