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Bless You Boys needs your podcast questions!

Half of the Tigers team, it feels like, are currently on the disabled list, with Miguel Cabrera, Daniel Norris, Jordan Zimmermann, and Alex Wilson all currently on the mend. Certainly not good news for a team that finds itself in second place in the AL Central... somehow.

This, of course, means we’re seeing the return of some familiar Toledo faces, and some less familiar ones. Some guys you may or may not have questions about. Or perhaps you’re wondering what we think the Tigers will do when Norris returns.

Then there’s the whole situation with Ron Gardenhire badmouthing Jose Iglesias to the press just to make a point.

Maybe you just want to know if anyone is going to use that darned bullpen cart this season or what? Geez, bullpen.

Whatever your questions might be, Brandon and Ashley are recording the weekly Bless You Boys podcast tonight and we want to give you the answers you’re looking for. Ask below, or direct your questions to us on Twitter @blessyouboys, or even in our Facebook comments. You could send them via pigeon, but I make no promises about the timeliness of pigeon-mail.

And just a reminder we have our Patreon page up, where you can become a supporter for $1, $3, $5, whatever you can afford helps us immensely. The first of our Patreon exclusive podcasts will be up this week as well!