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2018 Detroit Tigers draft tracker: Tigers sign top draft pick Casey Mize

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Second round pick Parker Meadows is the only Tigers top 10 pick still unsigned.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers have a pool of $12,414,800 to spend on their top 10 draft picks from this year’s MLB draft. Almost two-thirds of that amount is allocated to their top drafting slot, which was the first overall selection in the 2018 draft, righthander Casey Mize. While the Tigers have come to terms with 30 of their 40 draft selections, a few players remain unsigned, and that includes second round pick Parker Meadows.

Teams have until July 6, 2018 to sign their drafted players, or they will become ineligible to be signed until being redrafted next year. There is an exception for players who have exhausted their college eligibility. Those players can sign up until a week before the next draft.

The Tigers made Casey Mize the first overall selection in the draft. His draft slot comes with an $8.1 million bonus pool allotment. The Tigers would like to spread that money out at least a little bit to sign other players, including second round selection Parker Meadows, a high school outfielder who has committed to attend Clemson University.

Should a team fail to sign their first round pick, they receive a pick next year just one slot lower. For Detroit, that would be the second overall pick in the 2019 draft. If they don’t sign their second or third round picks, they get a compensation pick at the end of that round. However, the bonus money assigned to those slots would be lower than what they have to spend this year.

The Tigers’ $12.4 million bonus pool can be used to sign their top 10 draft picks. If they fail to sign any of them, they lose the bonus money tied to that slot. The Tigers have signed seven of their top 10 picks, with selections from the first three rounds still unsigned.

The penalties for paying bonuses above the total pool amount can be severe. If the club goes 0 to 5 percent over, they pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. After that, they start losing first and second round picks next year. This means that the Tigers could spend another $620,000, or $13 million total, for example, and only pay a financial penalty. Teams have gone over their pool totals 95 times in the six years of draft slotting, but none has dared to go more than 5 percent over.

Following are the Tigers’ top 10 draft selections with slot values and actual signing bonuses paid. You can view the complete list at the MLB Draft Tracker. All picks beyond the top ten only count against the bonus pool allotment if the player signs in excess of $125,000. In those cases, the amount over $125,000 will count against the team’s bonus pool. The team’s bonus pool is unaffected by signing players for less than $125,000 in those rounds.

Tigers MLB Draft Bonus Pool

Round Player Position School Slot Value Signing Bonus
Round Player Position School Slot Value Signing Bonus
1 Casey Mize RHP Auburn $8,096,300.00 $7,500,000.00
2 Parker Meadows OF Grayson HS $1,625,500.00 -
3 Kody Clemens 2B Texas $750,800.00 $600,000.00
4 Kingston Liniak OF Mission Hills HS $533,300.00 $900,000.00
5 Adam Wolf LHP Louisville $398,300.00 $398,000.00
6 Hugh Smith RHP Whitworth Univ. $297,800.00 $300,000.00
7 Eric de la Rosa OF Grossmont Col. $231,900.00 $231,900.00
8 Jeremiah Burks SS Fresno State $182,900.00 $182,900.00
9 Tarik Skubal LHP Seattle Univ. $154,700.00 $350,000.00
10 Brock Deatherage OF NC State $143,300.00 $10,000.00
20 Kelvin Smith 3B Redan HS $0.00 $140,000.00
Total - - - $12,414,800.00 $10,487,800.00

The Tigers signed infielder Kelvin Smith, their 20th round selection, for $140,000, so $15,000 of his signing bonus will count against the Tigers’ total allotted bonus pool. Including Smith’s bonus and the reported bonus amounts for the players the Tigers already have signed, the club has roughly $10 million remaining to spend on their first three picks. If they choose to dip into the aforementioned overage tax, they could spend up to $10,528,350.

Tigers Bonus Pool Calculations

Total Bonus Pool Money Spent Bonus Pool Remaining Remaining $ + 5% tax
Total Bonus Pool Money Spent Bonus Pool Remaining Remaining $ + 5% tax
$12,414,800.00 $10,487,800.00 $1,927,000.00 $2,547,740.00