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Tigers sign first round pick Casey Mize

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Third round pick Kody Clemens has also signed

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers knew they had to make a smart pick when it came to the first round of the MLB draft. After their dismal 2017 campaign, they ended up with the first selection of the draft, and all eyes were on the team wondering who they would pick. The team opted to go with the most obvious choice: right-handed pitcher Casey Mize.

Mize was still focused on playing college ball at the time of the draft hoping to get the Auburn Tigers to the College World Series in Omaha — though he obviously took a break to watch the announcement live. It made sense he wouldn’t sign right away. First round picks often take weeks to finalize their signing bonuses and come to terms with their team.

Still, Tigers fans waited with bated breath wondering, “When will Casey Mize sign?”

The answer is: today.

The Tigers have agreed to terms with Mize’s team, and the first round pick has signed for $7.5 million, according to reports. The Tigers had an $8 million slot value for the pick, meaning they have about $500,000 that can be used for lower round signings. For more on how slot values work, read our article here.

Mize was never going to be a cheap signing, as both he and the team were aware of his value and what he might represent to the team. Now that he’s officially a part of the Tigers organization, it’s time to start getting even more excited for the future.

In addition to Mize, third round selection Kody Clemens — son of Roger Clemens — has signed for $600,000, which is below the $750,800 value for his slot. Clemens is a second baseman with a lot of power and almost as much attitude, and is certain to be a very engaging player to watch grow in the Tigers system.

Clemens gave away his intent to sign ahead of the official announcement when he took to Twitter to tell his followers he would be joining the Tigers organization.

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