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Paws stole a fan’s camera to take selfies

Seriously though, how did he do it? We have questions.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

During the second game of Monday’s double-header, while all non-Tigers fans were watching the MLB Draft, Tigers’ mascot Paws was making moves of his own.

A Twitter user posted a series of incredible snaps that showed the beloved big cat taking close ups on her phone, and to be quite honest, the cute pictures left me with a few questions. Actually, one very big question.

Does Paws have opposable thumbs?

I keep looking at photos of him and while it appears he does have thumbs — an impressive feat for a jungle cat — I can’t imagine they’re great for dextrous work like manipulating a phone’s camera shutter.

Then again, Paws does maintain his own Twitter account, which means he probably needs to be able to hammer out 280 characters at a time periodically. He’s got to be a pro at using a phone after all this time. He even replied to Annie’s tweet.

Mystery solved. Guess he just wanted to be center of attention. That #RallyGoose is stealing his thunder. Big thumbs up for Paws and these awesome selfies.