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Reactions to the Tigers’ picks on Day 1 of the MLB draft

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What is Twitter saying about the newest Tigers?

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

For anyone paying attention in the months leading up to the MLB Draft, the name Casey Mize was on everyone’s mind. The right-handed pitcher was far and away the top choice on everyone’s list as far as who they thought would go number one in the draft, and not just because he fit the Tigers’ draft profile from previous years. Mize was considered one of the best amateur prospects on the market, and the Tigers surprised no one when they nabbed him with their first round pick.

Likewise, experts and fan experts were both excited to see outfielder Parker Meadows still available for the team when they made their 44th selection later on during day one. By all accounts it was a good day for the Tigers, and no one was shy about sharing their opinions online.

Mize’s reaction was priceless and touching.

And Mize’s former high school was watching with bated breath to see when he’d be selected.

How did the rest of the internet respond though?

Experts weighed in on the signing.

Keith Law, who had slated Mize to go first in all his mock drafts, said the Tigers made the best pick of the day and added, “Sometimes you deserve credit for not screwing up a good thing.”

It was pointed out that Mize has a bit of a Tigers history...

Fans had their own responses

Thankfully no burning was necessary. Someone else pointed out that Mize has been an observer of Tigers pitching for quite some time.

Miguel Cabrera was apparently so excited about the signing he suggested they could bring Mize up this season.

The Tigers were also applauded for their selection of outfielder Parker Meadows by experts and fans alike.

This guy nailed it ahead of the draft

Let’s see what day two holds.