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Game 96: Detroit Tigers vs. Houston Astros, 8:10 p.m.

Mike Fiers vs. Dallas Keuchel

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Houston Astros
This was supposed to be a picture of the Astros’ All-Star Game representatives, but our photo editor appears to be screwy.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers (40-55) at Houston Astros (62-34)

Time/Place: 8:10 p.m., Minute Maid Park
Forecast: Still domey
SB Nation site: The Crawfish Boxes
Media: Fox Sports Detroit, MLB.TV, Tigers Radio Network
Pitching Matchup: RHP Mike Fiers (6-5, 3.65 ERA) vs. LHP Dallas Keuchel (6-8, 3.95 ERA)

Game 98 Pitching Matchup

Pitcher IP K% BB% FIP fWAR
Pitcher IP K% BB% FIP fWAR
Liriano 76.0 18.7 13.1 5.35 0.0
Verlander 131.2 31.6 4.7 2.60 4.5

Game 109 Lineups

J. Jones - CF J. Peraza - SS
N. Castellanos - RF S. Gennett - 2B
N. Goodrum - 2B J. Votto - 1B
V. Martinez - DH E. Suarez - 3B
J. Candelario - 3B M. Williams - RF
J. Hicks - C P. Ervin - LF
J. Adduci - 1B P. Tucker - DH
J. Iglesias - SS C. Casali - C
V. Reyes - LF B. Hamilton - CF