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Detroit Tigers News: The trade clock is winding down

We take a look at Lou Whitaker’s Hall of Fame chances, what’s going on with some broken pitchers, and some minor league news.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are. It is yet one more Monday following the loss of a weekend series, and as it’s an off day, we can fully allow ourselves to turn to the one thing anyone really cares about right now: trade rumors. I think it’s safe to say we have stopped asking ourselves who the Detroit Tigers are going to trade, and have started asking if they’re going to trade anyone at all. While you await the potential rumors and news, take some time to catch up on some team news.

Fulmer on the mend

In a small spot of good news, Michael Fulmer reports that he’s ahead of schedule in his recovery from the oblique strain that landed him on the disabled list. The fact that he suffered an oblique strain seems to be surprising; he normally grades out as having great core strength. Fulmer, for his part, says he plans to up the core strengthening routine in the offseason. For now, he will start throwing off flat ground on Tuesday.

Boyd gets back

Matthew Boyd seems as though he may have fixed what has been wrong with him as of late. Apparently, after a rough opening inning in a recent start against the Boston Red Sox, he returned to the dugout to find pitching coach Rick Anderson anxious to get in his ear. Anderson told him he needed to speed up and start throwing the fastball more (I hope James McCann was listening). Since making that correction, Boyd has been on a solid run. Let’s see if it holds up.

Call ups?

Ron Gardenhire was asked for his thoughts on the expanded roster coming up in September. Gardenhire acknowledged that it isn’t his decision, but he will give his input. His input seems to focus around only bringing up guys who have earned it, and went on to add that having a good season in the minors doesn’t necessarily mean that a player has earned a call-up (I’m not sure what else you might use to base a decision on).

Gardenhire seemed especially concerned with position player call ups because he doesn’t see the utility in sacrificing at-bats for young unproven players on the major league roster just so a minor league guy can get some at bats. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Gardy’s ready

Gardenhire is also ready for the Tigers to make some noise in the trade market. Welcome to the club, Ron. He seems resigned to losing Mike Fiers, but would rather keep Fiers around if he could because he is somehow under the impression that winning ball games is something that would actually make a difference for the 2018 Tigers. I am anxious to see Fiers put on a different uniform, but it’s feeling like that has gone from probable to a big maybe in recent days.

A talk with John Schreiber

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about guys in the minor league system you can check out the Minor League Tracker podcast. This week features an interview with John Schreiber.

Who’s next? Lou’s next.

Lou Whitaker was in Cooperstown this weekend to see Alan Trammell and Jack Morris get inducted into the Hall of Fame. If you’ve been anywhere within shouting distance of Tigers fans in recent years, you will know how disgruntled we all are that Lou got snubbed. To his credit, he’s at peace with it. But if conversations with other Hall of Fame inductees are any indication, we should see Lou there soon. I believe it will happen, and when it does you’ll see many gruntled Tigers fans.

Shut up and take my money

If the Tigers were at all intelligent, they would take these custom hats Alan Trammell had made for his friends and put them up for sale.

Around the horn

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