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Detroit Tigers News: Love saved Justin Verlander’s sanity (and career)

Plus, Jayson Werth can only play beer league baseball.

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MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Dodgers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Verlander may not be a Tiger anymore, but he’ll always be one in our hearts. Which might be why the recent Bleacher Report feature on him hit so close to home. In the deeply candid interview, Verlander recalls how his health — both physical and mental — took a dive following the 2013 season, and how it was only Kate Upton who kept him going and eventually made sure he got the help he needed. The post doesn’t necessarily paint the Tigers medical staff, or local media in the best light, but it’s still a beautiful insight into how we really can’t blame “the new girlfriend” for derailing a career, when instead we should be asking “What’s really happening that we can’t see?”

What about current Tigers?

Well, Detroit News’s Kurt Mensching asks “Is James McCann the Tigers catcher of the future?” Spoiler alert: his answer is no.

As for brighter spots in the future, The Athletic’s Emily Waldon rated the top 10 shortstops for the Tigers, even though it’s nuts that they have enough for a top 10 list. [note: The Athletic is a pay site, but definitely worth it for their great Tigers coverage] If you don’t want to pay for the read, I’ll tell you this much: new arrival Willi Castro is way up at number two on the list. Meanwhile Leonys Martin, who went to the Indians in that trade will be out at least 10 days for Cleveland thanks to “intestinal turmoil.

If we take an even deeper dive into the prospect heap, the Connecticut Tigers have four All-Stars on their roster, which ain’t too shabby.

In truly non-Tigers news

The California League apparently allowed Bark at the Park to extend into the broadcast booth. I wish I could bring my dogs to work with me...

And Jayson Werth, who seems to be all over the news this week, first complaining about “super nerds” ruining baseball, then firing his agent Scott Boras, has found at least one place willing to let him play baseball.

Jayson Werth hitting dingers in a men's beer league game is glorious.

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Question of the day

Players Weekend is coming and the nicknames range from very poorly planned, to emoji-tastic. Which leads us to our very important question for you...

(mine would be Hermione)