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FanPost Friday: Pitch the Tigers to a non-fan

Make a stranger love this team the way we do.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not an easy time to be a Tigers fan. The team projects to finish in the bottom six across baseball, which is excellent for their draft selection placement, but less ideal when we’re talking about enjoyment of viewing and being gung-ho about supporting the club.

This is certainly not the first time the Tigers have been down and out (plenty of us remember 2003), and we know the turnaround is coming. This is a team that will be good again, but it’s just a matter of how long. When can we cheer from the rooftops? When can we max out our credit cards on postseason tickets? When will the Tigers be fun again?

So this week’s prompt might feel extra difficult, given there isn’t much to cheer about at the moment. But beyond the standings, there is a team with a storied history, and a roster filled with interesting and engaging characters. There’s plenty here if you’re willing to look.

The challenge for you this week, dear FanPosters, is to tell us how you would convince a non-Tigers fan to love this team. Do you go for the history of championships and explain the 2011-2014 era? Or perhaps do you go further back and talk about the 1984 or 1968 teams. There’s plenty of quality material there. Maybe to you tell them about trips to Comerica, or explain the virtues of Dan and Jim on the radio, or Mario and Gibby in the booth (“you see, once Gibby spent a whole game barking at Mario. I mean literally barking.”)

However you’d do it, we want to know.

Head over to the FanPosts section and select “New FanPost” on the left, then give us your best “why you should love the Tigers” pitch.