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Watch Jeimer Candelario and Nicholas Castellanos flash the leather vs. Twins

The Tigers are putting on a show this evening!

The Detroit Tigers aren’t the best defensive team in baseball, but they have improved by leaps and bounds compared to last season. The numbers bear that out, as the Tigers are nearly 50 (!) runs better than they were in 2017 (even if they’re still below average).

Two such examples came on Friday night from Jeimer Candelario and Nicholas Castellanos, helping to preserve a 5-2 Tigers lead over the Minnesota Twins.

First, Candelario went over the shoulder in left field.

Then, Castellanos showed off his range in right.

Castellanos held on at the wall, just like the Tigers.

They weathered a Shane Greene ninth inning to win 5-3 despite only collecting three hits in the entire game.