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Detroit Tigers News: Jack Morris gets his number on the wall

Jack Morris has his number retired, a few pitchers get to rehabbing, and we look at injuries and prospects

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MLB: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was a day for Tigers. Tiger Woods finished in second place at the PGA Championship, and after pulling off a victory over the Minnesota Twins to close out the series on Sunday, the Detroit Tigers raised their win total to 49 games while nicely holding the losses steady at 69. Although the Tigers fared well, their victory was not the highlight of the day. What most people will remember is the retirement of Jack Morris’s number 47 jersey. I didn’t get to see it, but I’m told it was quite the ceremony. The Tigers are set to finish out the current home stand with a three game set against the Chicago White Sox. While you wait to see how that plays out, check out some Tigers news you may not be up to date on.

Jones on the shelf?

JaCoby Jones left Sunday’s game in the fourth inning with hamstring tightness. Word after the game was that Jones was getting an MRI on the hammy to assist in determining the extent of the injury. As I’m writing this there isn’t any word on what the results are, but a stint on the disabled list is a possibility.

Hicks’ groin problems persist

Current first-baseman John Hicks has been trying to manage a groin problem for the better part of a month, and recently that problem became unmanageable. As the Tigers are wont to do with players suffering from injuries to the groinular area they’re sending him off to the streets of Philadelphia (read that in your best Bruce Springsteen voice) to see the teams favorite groin doctor. Hicks is heading to the land of the cheesesteak on Wednesday for the evaluation, so on this upcoming hump day please send positive thoughts to John Hicks and his groin.

Fulmer is close

The fine folks at MLB Trade Rumors are passing on the news that Michael Fulmer may be close to heading out for a rehab assignment soon. He threw a 50-pitch bullpen session on Saturday without any issues. This news was accompanied by the usual speculation of how soon Fulmer could be traded if he gets some starts near the end of the year this year and shows he’s in good shape. Trade Rumors says he could be a prime off season trade target. Color me doubtful.

Norris back on the bump

How could I write a quick report on a groin injury followed by news of an injured pitcher getting ready for a rehab start and not end up on Daniel Norris? Norris, who has been out since what feels like the 2012 season made a rehab start in the Gulf Coast League that didn’t end in additional aggravation or a brand new injury of another sort, so that’s good news. It’s hard to say if he works his way back up to Detroit this year, but I think the goal is to have his varied social media posts about surfing, coffee and whatever the hell else a guy like Daniel Norris gets into stay focused around the locales where the Tigers are playing baseball in 2019.

Silky Jake

Here’s a nice little write-up on catching prospect Jake Rogers where Lynn Henning of The Detroit News describes him as “silky smooth” and waxes poetic about his defensive abilities behind the dish saying something about the human race catching baseballs on it’s haunches. The defense has long been the calling card with Rogers. It’s the hitting that’s the issue, and there’s this leg kick that, if they get ironed out, they think will go a long way to help him on the offensive end of things.

Look at our shiny prospects

There’s a long list of things I know little to nothing about. Minor league prospects are on that list. I know who is in the system. I know generally who is supposed to be good and who isn’t, but I couldn’t look at any of them and tell you why. That’s why they have these fun ranking lists. Here’s one of them. I know nothing of how accurate it is, but I’m sure the folks in the comments will enlighten me.

Baseball is awesome

Watch this man throw a baseball very far with precision and accuracy.

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