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White Sox 6, Tigers 3: Its Victor Martinez’s world, and we’re all just living in it

Victor was doing things he has never done before [citation needed].

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers and left-handed reliever turned workhorse starter Blaine Hardy faced the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park on Tuesday. Hardy suffered from early sloppy defense to take a tough luck loss, 6-3, as the bats wasted prime opportunities late in the game.

A lot of runs were scored in the first inning. Tim Anderson started the game with a double off Hardy, and then a walk and two singles would give the White Sox an early one run lead. Then, an absolute breakdown in fundamentals allowed a routine sacrifice fly to net the White Sox two runs. The Tigers would punch right back in the bottom of the first, though. A leadoff single and double quickly put two in scoring position. With two outs, Victor Martinez laced a double down the left field line to score both runs. Then, eager to show he could, in fact, run faster than a quadruple amputee polar bear, scored from second on a ground ball single from Jim Adduci.

It gets better. After the White Sox scored runs in the second and fifth to re-take a three-run lead, the Tigers had their best chance to get back in the game in the bottom of the sixth inning, but would squander it in proper #Togers fashion. Goodrum singled, and Victor Martinez would reach on an infield...

*reads notes again*

*checks gameday footage*

*pulls up Twitter*




Victor Freaking Martinez hit an infield single?! YES, VICTOR MARTINEZ HIT AN INFIELD SINGLE!

This is incredible! This must be celebrated!

There are certain unbelievable and earth-shattering moments that happen in the great sport of baseball. I feel safe in declaring this one of them. On the Fourteenth Day of the Month of August, in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Eighteen [Ed.: Twenty Eighteen, I will fight you on this], let is forever be known that Victor Martinez, from the town of Ciudad Bolivar, in the sovereign state of Venezuela, safely reached the first bag in the game of baseball, whilst the ball nary traversed beyond the infield dirt.

This is the best thing we have seen from Victor since...

Let’s just bask in this for tonight. Let’s enjoy this.


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Oh and the Tigers ended up stranding the bases loaded with no one out and lost the game 6-3, but you probably knew that.