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Detroit Tigers News: The Tigers pay their R-E-S-P-E-C-Ts

And Ron Gardenhire shares his thoughts on the Ureña/Acuña debacle

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MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Outside of baseball, the only story on anyone’s mind on Thursday was the passing of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Twitter was sharing images and videos. People in my neighborhood were playing her music on their outdoor patios. It was only natural the Tigers would do their part to remember a legend who was so important to Detroit.

Even though the team wasn’t at home, the scoreboard had a special message broadcasting for the day.

And of course, who could forget this incredible commercial, where Franklin showed just which team she loved the most.

The Tigers PR department got in on it as well, remembering the diva with some of the best game notes we’ve seen all season. Respect, indeed.

Ron Gardenhire reacts to the José Ureña pitch debacle

Of course the big thing on everyone’s mind this week is the seemingly intentional pitch that José Ureña threw at Ronald Acuña Jr on Wednesday. It has folks debating the unwritten rules, and where the line is drawn on when it is and isn’t okay to hit a guy with a ball.

When the press had an opportunity to ask Tigers’ manager Ron Gardenhire his thoughts on the matter, he replied in a very Gardy fashion, saying, “I would be mad enough, if I was their manager, I might start him tomorrow and lead him off just so they could smoke him — just because he did something so stupid. Throw at a kid like that just because he hit home runs? Come on.”

For what it’s worth, the MLB handed down their punishment and it’s better than one game, but still feels light.

Tigers health check

Lots of updates on the health front. It looks like John Hicks has had successful surgery on both hips for a bilateral core muscle defect, but with a 3-6 week recovery time, his season is effectively over.

Jose Iglesias has a brighter prognosis. He was left off the roster for Thursday’s game against the Twins after tweaking his right hand, but Gardy suggests it will only be “a couple days” before the shortstop returns.

Artie Lewicki has bone chips in his elbow, which sounds bad, but it probably the best news of the bunch. He’ll likely only miss a single start.

Get your tissues out

This one isn’t Tigers related but was too beautiful not to share. Melissa Lockard, an A’s writer for The Athletic, pays beautiful tribute to her husband Chris, a day after his passing. It’s a wonderful story of love, but it will punch you right in the feels, so don’t read it at work.