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Tigers Den Roundtable: What did you think of the MLB trade deadline?

We asked the BYB staff what they thought of the Tigers’ moves, and the trade deadline in general.

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

This year’s MLB trade deadline was one of the more exciting in recent memory. A number of players changed teams, including superstars like Manny Machado, Chris Archer, and Brian Dozier. Nearly every MLB team made a trade of some sort in July, and the action went right up until 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, as Archer was traded just minutes before the deadline.

There have been plenty of #takes spouted about the deadline. Winners. Losers. Playoff odds. You name it. We gave our general thoughts on how the Tigers did, but not everyone on staff is the same. Some liked the deal, others were wanting more (others, like me, talked about someone else because I’ve written like four different articles about Mike Fiers already).

This week’s question: what are your general thoughts on this year’s trade deadline?

Rob: Personally, I have no idea what the Brewers are doing. They picked up Mike Moustakas less than a week before the deadline, then decided to add Jonathan Schoop instead of a pitcher that they probably could have used more. I’m usually all about getting the best players available, but this one just seemed really weird.

Ashley: Rays: Yay! Tigers: YAWWWWWWWWWWWWN

Patrick: For the Tigers, very boring. It’s nice to know that the Indians’ No. 8 prospect is only No. 10 in the Tigers’ system. The Orioles and Rays scored big time!

Zane: The Tigers picked up a top-10 prospect for a lottery ticket they signed in the offseason, so that isn’t too bad, but I was very bored overall. Tampa surprised me, in particular. The Pham-Kiermaier-Meadows outfield is going to be exciting to watch. And no one is really talking about them, but the Dodgers added Manny Machado and Brian Dozier. Lordy.

Ron: For the Tigers, I thought it was quite disappointing. They seemed to wait until the last minute to deal anyone, and they only made one trade as a result. Hopefully that happened because other teams had better pieces to offer rather than the Tigers’ asking prices being too high.

frisbeepilot: I know some people wanted a lot of moving vans in and out of town, and I wish the Tigers would have been able to find suitors for Fiers and Liriano. I personally don’t get all that wrapped up in the trade talk, but I’m glad they were able to do exactly what they had hoped with Leonys Martin: picked him up for a song, watched him display some decent skills, flipped him for a good prospect.

Brandon: In general, I was pleased to see so much action. The trade market has really changed over the past few years, and it’s difficult to know what to expect at this point. Sure, some big names changed hands, but again, there were no major players moved who weren’t rentals, and the returns in the deals for Manny Machado or Mike Moustakas weren’t particularly strong. However, there was a furious run on pitching in the final hours and we got a little of that frenetic action that has been lacking.

Rob: The build-up to the Chris Archer deal was particularly exciting.

Brandon: Exactly. That was peak deadline. For the Tigers, I thought they did well to acquire Willi Castro for Leonys Martin and Kyle Dowdy. Based on reading a lot of opinions of him both past and present, Castro seems to have more upside than Sergio Alcantara. The difference isn’t great, but to get a player at a premium position who actually has a decent chance to be a major league regular is a good deal. One could easily argue the Tigers did better with Martin than the St. Louis Cardinals did trading a better hitting outfielder in Tommy Pham to the Rays.

It would’ve been nice if a few of our better pieces, such as Shane Greene, were at peak value heading into the deadline. But we haven’t missed out on much by not finding a partner for Francisco Liriano and Mike Fiers, and it’s conceivable the Tigers won’t get any less should they be claimed by an interested party on the waiver wire in August.

Kenon: While it would have been fun to get a late season influx of new prospects, the reality is that we just didn’t have the pieces that contenders really needed. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all knew this all along. Jose Iglesias did everything he possibly could to make himself desirable, but still had no takers. Shane Greene has had a rocky season and is coming off an injury. Fiers is a really just an innings eater. Liriano has had seven quality starts this year, but five of them were in April and May. That leaves Martin, who has had two stints on the disabled this year with that lingering hamstring injury. The fact that we turned a 45-50 grade prospect, at a premium position like shortstop, for Martin and Dowdy has to be considered a victory. The Indians have eight shortstops listed in their top 30 on MLB Pipeline, not to mention Francisco Lindor. They have done a great job scouting that position. I’d rather have Yu Chang, but I’m happy with the price we paid for Castro.

Chris: On the Tigers front, I like what the Tigers were able to get for Martin. I was also surprised that Fiers, despite all of the talk of him going somewhere. But it’s not surprising that they held him, considering the strength of the market. Waiver moves for him and Liriano are still feasible and it’ll be interesting to see what develops there. Elsewhere, it was fun to see all of the moving pieces, especially with the Rays moving Chris Archer after what seemed like years of constant rumors. And the Bryce Harper trade speculations were fun for the entire five minutes we were free to speculate on them before they were put to bed.


Jeff: This was a very busy trade deadline with many players changing teams, which is why it was a little surprising that the Tigers only traded Martin. As for the player in return, it is not an exciting acquisition. Then again, Martin isn’t an exciting player, not like Justin Verlander or J.D. Martinez was last year. The Tigers are only willing to offer role players. Francisco Liriano would only be a left-handed relief option and Mike Fiers would only be a back-end starter who would probably go to the bullpen in the postseason, so any offers for them would just be meh. I think it is a smart move to hang onto Michael Fulmer and Nicholas Castellanos at this time, even though they would be the only ones to bring back exciting players.