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Detroit Tigers News and Links: Math is hard

This Monday we talk about math, adjustments, and check in on the health of a recently departed friend

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you tuned into Sunday’s game against the Twins expecting to be disappointed by another Jacob Turner start, as the Tigers had announced would happen after Saturday night’s game, you may have been surprised to see a very non-Jacob Turner looking fella by the name of Buck Farmer toeing the rubber. Due to a misunderstanding of basic rules that people who run a professional baseball team probably shouldn’t misunderstand, Turner was not eligible to join the big club on Sunday. Instead, the fans were treated to a bullpen start that ended in a 5-4 loss. I didn’t get to watch the game because I spent the day cleaning my basement. It’s hard to say which one of those things would have been more enjoyable, but I’m guessing it would have been watching baseball.

Monday is an off day for the Tigers as they await the start of a two-game tilt against the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday. Let’s see what’s in the news while we wait.

Gerber learns

Rookie outfielder Mike Gerber is having himself a case of the struggles. As he has progressed through the Tigers minor league system, hitting hasn’t been much of a problem for him. That changed this year. In his time in Toledo and with the big club, his bat has been lackluster. Gerber cites the huge learning curve of trying to hit major league pitching, but the coaching staff, and other teams, have alos figured out that he’s really stuggling with off-speed stuff. They’re hoping they can help him figure that out and get him back on track.

Hello there, Nolan Blackwood

The first of two players to be named later in the Mike Fiers deal has been named and it’s a fella who calls himself Nolan Blackwood [Ed. note: technically it’s his parents who called him that, but carry on]. Blackwood is a six-foot-five-inch hurler with a sidearm delivery. He was the 30th ranked prospect in the A’s system. I’m not getting a real solid “everybody’s excited” vibe from the general reaction on the internet. I guess we’ll see who the other dude is.

Feeding the dog

This, folks, is our Manager. And if I’m being honest, it’s the stuff like this that makes me like him despite some of the more frustrating in-game decisions he likes to make. Also, A+ to Gardy for acknowledging that McDonalds isn’t “the healthiest thing in the world for a lab”. One could say the same goes for people.

A grateful Adduci

Jim Adduci has followed a long and winding path to his current position on the Tigers roster. Take a few minutes to read about how he’s had to grind it out to get to where he is today.

Martin heading home

In a recently departed friend alert, it looks like good news for Leonys Martin as he was finally in good enough health to leave the hospital after suffering a life-threatening bacterial infection on August 7th. It’s good to see him on the road to recovery.

Baseball is awesome

Good location and that late action lead me to believe she could step in today and handle set-up work in Detroit.

Around the horn

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