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Tigers 7, White Sox 2: Boyd oh Boyd oh Boyd.

Now THIS was a good game to skip work for.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers looked good today, with production and impressive plays coming from the unlikeliest of places on the team. Matthew Boyd especially looked excellent, which was nice to see.

The game was scoreless into the fourth, when lo and behold Ronny Rodriguez came to the plate and hit a run at — at first glance — appeared to be a home run. This would have not only been his first major league home run, but a grand slam at that [edit: nope, I totally missed the Castellanos tag out]. Alas, it actually bounced on the warning track before heading to the bullpen, so it was only a ground rule double, but it did score a run. Grayson Greiner followed this up with a sac fly to score another run and the Tigers had a two run lead.

Nicholas Castellanos hit is 19th home run of the season to lead off the bottom of the sixth for a solo shot.

While I’ve got your attention, can we talk about why the Players’ Weekend starts on Thursday? Is it just because of a four-game series? Is it to further convince me today is Friday? I think it’s the latter, and I don’t appreciate it.


Mike Mahtook hit a home run to almost the same place as Nick, his third home run in a week. Mahtook sure isn’t wasting the opportunity he’s been given to be back up with the big club. Niko Goodrum played the waiter, carrying a towel and water for the home run kids. Which NOW including Ronnie Rodriguez, going back to back with Mahtook, and getting his first big league home run. Which means I can use this gif again.

Matthew Boyd’s game was done after six innings, his final line for the day was a very impressive 6.0 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K on 103 pitches. Damn fine work, sir.

Drew VerHagen came on in the sixth and pitched a one-hit inning.

In the seventh Jim Adduci hit a two-run double, scoring Candelario and Iglesias, giving the Tigers a nice 7-0 lead.

Louis Coleman gave up a two-run blast to Jose Rondon, not ideal. This after giving up two walks. Then inning ended immediately after that, however, putting the Tigers in a pretty decent position to sneak out of the game with limited damage. Zac Reininger came on to finish the game in the top of the ninth, and the Tigers had to be happy they had enough of a lead to not use their big guns late in the game.

Btw Zac’s nickname is “Rosin Bagger” which is... I mean that’s an amazing nickname for a pitcher and it actually works with his name, and I’m impressed.

Anyway, Rosin Bagger did what he needed to.

Matthew Boyd lived up to the promise of the shirts Gardy had made.

Tigers win.